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The Trailblazers Declan Rice SBC in FIFA 24 is a challenge that many players are eager to complete FC 24 Coins. This Classic essay will provide a solution and cost breakdown for completing this SBC.

To begin, it is important to note that the Trailblazers Declan Rice SBC requires specific player cards to be submitted. These include an 84-rated squad with at least 75 chemistry, as well as one English player and one Premier League player. Additionally, there are no loyalty or position change requirements for this challenge.

To complete this SBC, players can start by searching for affordable 84-rated players on the transfer market. It is advisable to look for players from popular leagues such as La Liga or Serie A, as they tend to be more cost-effective. Once the squad rating requirement is met, players can then focus on adding an English player and a Premier League player to ensure chemistry requirements are fulfilled.

In terms of cost, completing this SBC can vary depending on market prices and availability of certain cards. However, it is estimated that the total cost should range between 100-150k coins. It is important for players to compare prices and consider alternative options if certain cards are too expensive or unavailable.

In conclusion, completing the Trailblazers Declan Rice SBC in FIFA 24 requires careful planning and consideration of available options. By following the solution provided above and being mindful of costs buy EAFC 24 Coins, players can successfully complete this challenge and add Declan Rice to their Ultimate Team roster.


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