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Guide to Safest Online Football Betting

Football betting is a favorite pastime among soccer enthusiasts, but caution is necessary when engaging in online betting.


Football betting involves using money or assets to wager on the outcome of a forthcoming or ongoing football match. There are various types of bets available before and during a football match, allowing fans to indulge in their passion for the beautiful game.


Currently, there are numerous reputable online bookmakers for players to join. Player information is securely protected. To bet on football, players need to thoroughly research and choose the most reputable bookmakers.

Then, players deposit money as instructed and select matches to showcase their predictive skills. At this stage, players need to understand the various types of bets commonly seen in a football match.

What is football betting?

Football betting is a form of gambling involving two or more individuals, utilizing various methods to place wagers. Due to its complexity, football betting defies specific comparisons or evaluations. Therefore, to engage in this game successfully, players must possess adequate knowledge of football betting. Without understanding and knowledge, making accurate decisions becomes extremely challenging.

Currently, not only in developed countries worldwide but also in Vietnam, there are numerous bookmakers offering various football betting services, with reputable platforms like Fun88. The diversity of betting options necessitates a thorough understanding for players to achieve victory. Despite its challenges, football betting offers many intriguing aspects that attract numerous participants. Understanding what football betting entails will enhance your chances of winning. When engaging in betting on a particular match, you must thoroughly research the team, including their capabilities, starting lineup, home advantage, and weather conditions favoring one team over the other.


Handicap Betting: Handicap, also known as Asian handicap or handicap betting, is the most popular type of bet among fans. Bookmakers have departments dedicated to researching and analyzing data to provide odds for each match.

Depending on the strength, form, and other factors, the handicap odds will vary. The team given a handicap is the favorite, and vice versa. Handicap odds range from 0 (draw or tie) to N goals, with each step being a quarter (0.25) of a goal. Players choose one of the two teams and add the handicap score to determine if they win the bet.

For example, if Arsenal is given a 2.5 goal handicap against Luton Town, and Arsenal wins 2-0, they would still lose the bet (as Luton Town's handicap is 2.5 > 2). If the final score difference is 0.5 goals or more, the teams will win or lose outright. If the score difference is only 0.25 goals, the teams will either win or lose half the stake. In the case of a draw, neither side loses money.

1X2 Betting: Unlike Asian handicap betting, 1X2 betting offers three options: Home Win - Draw - Away Win. With this type of bet, players can only win or lose money, there's no scenario of drawing or winning half like in Asian handicap betting.

The odds also vary significantly. Depending on the strength of the teams, the odds for the favored team to win will be lower. For example, when Arsenal hosts Luton Town, Arsenal's odds to win might be 1.12 (meaning a $100 bet wins $12), while Luton Town's odds might be 18.39 (a $100 bet wins $1839), and the odds for a draw might be 9.57 (a $100 bet wins $957).

Over/Under Betting: Similar to Asian handicap betting, players have two options: over or under the total number of goals set by the bookmaker. Over represents "over," and under represents "under." The betting increments are also in quarters (0.25), leading to scenarios of winning or losing half the stake.

Within over/under betting, there's also the concept of "goal line" betting. Essentially, this is an over/under bet, but it's only active during the last 15-20 minutes of the game, depending on the game's situation. At this point, just one goal can determine the outcome, triggering a win or loss, similar to a sudden burst of goals.

Over/Under Corners Betting: Similar to over/under goals betting, bookmakers set a benchmark for players to choose over or under. At the end of the match, the total number of corners is compared to this bookmaker toolbetting benchmark to determine over or under.

Half Time/Full Time Betting: All types of bets have options for both half time (HT) and full time (FT), with the same win-loss calculation method.


To win at football betting, players need to analyze various factors surrounding the match to make the most accurate predictions. Important factors include team strengths, home and away form, head-to-head records, and also paying attention to Asian handicap odds.

In essence, nobody can always win when it comes to football betting. According to various studies, players achieving a win rate of over 60% on their total bets (from 100 bets or more) are considered excellent.


Consistent winning is challenging, but avoiding losses in football betting is much easier. The first step is for players to develop strategies and maintain discipline while betting. Secondly, players need to understand their financial capabilities and manage their finances effectively while betting. This is also the wisdom shared by expert football bettors.


Players need to find reputable bookmakers. Then, they create an account, deposit money, and bet as instructed above.


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