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How to Calculate the Most Accurate Penalty Over/Under Odds - Bet to Win

In important matches, Penalty Over/Under odds calculation often comes into play. This type of bet is associated with penalty shootouts and offers a straightforward betting approach.

In this article, beginners will be guided best football tips for today correct score through the detailed process of reading bookmaker odds and how to place the most accurate penalty shootout bets on online football betting platforms.

Easy-to-understand Explanation of Penalty Over/Under Odds

Penalty Over/Under odds predict the number of successful penalty shootout goals in a match.

However, this type of bet only appears under the following two conditions:

It is a deciding factor for victory through penalty kicks.

After the completion of 90 minutes of official play and two extra time halves, the winner is still undetermined.

If penalty kicks are involved in the match, bookmakers will offer Penalty Over/Under odds for us to choose from. It usually appears towards the end of the match and brings intense excitement with each kick.

Similar to other football betting types, players need to predict the total number of penalty shootout kicks to be taken.

In reality, teams do not always take turns for five shots each; in special cases, the winner might be determined after just three shots.

Therefore, the total number of shots might stop at 6, 7, 8, or 9 instead of the usual 10.

Additionally, in some situations, if after five shots for each team the winner is still undetermined, they will take additional penalty shots.

Penalty shots only stop when a winner is determined. This means the total number of shots will exceed 10. In these situations, players predict the number of successful penalty kicks for one of the two teams based on the odds offered by bookmakers.

After the match ends, bookmakers will rely on the final result to determine the outcome. Placing accurate Penalty Over/Under bets is not straightforward because both teams are evenly matched, relying solely on luck.

Therefore, the odds for this type of bet are usually high, attracting many players to participate.

Detailed Explanation of Penalty Over/Under Calculation A – Z

How are penalty odds calculated? In reality, not every match will have this type of bet available, so players might sometimes feel confused.

According to the regulations, we predict the number of goals that one team will successfully score against the opponent's net based on the odds provided by bookmakers.

For example, if the bookmaker sets the number at 4, we can choose Over or Under. If the total goals scored are over 4, Over wins; if it's under 4, Under wins, and it's a push if the result is exactly 4.

In general, the calculation method for Penalty Over/Under is similar to other Over/Under bets commonly encountered in football betting.

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How to Bet on Penalty Shootouts in Bookmakers

Similar to other common betting methods, players need to wait for the bookmakers to release the odds to make predictions. To attract more players and diversify betting options, bookmakers often offer enticing bets such as:

Predicting the total number of goals scored through Penalty shootouts.

Betting on which team takes the final shot.

Predicting the winning team.

Over/Under bets on penalty shootout goals or the total number of goals scored.

Bets on the over/under total number of shots taken...

Depending on the bookmaker's odds and personal analysis, we will have the most suitable choices. Making the final decision requires considering many different factors and having a good intuition.

Experience in Betting on Penalty Shootouts

From the above explanations of penalty shootout betting, it can be seen that this type of bet is quite thrilling and not easy to predict. Some professional players rely on the following football betting experiences to increase their chances of success:

Choosing the most suitable penalty bet based on our analysis. It's not just about the goal total but also the total number of shots or which team will ultimately win.

Betting on the team to score the first goal is also a good option when we know which side will take the first penalty shots.

Consideration of which players will take penalties is crucial. Their penalty history and current form are essential factors.

Predicting which goalkeeper will make crucial saves during the shootout is important. Sometimes, the starting goalkeeper in the match may not necessarily be the best penalty stopper, so this needs careful consideration.

Analyzing which players will take the first penalty shots for both teams can help make more accurate predictions. Referencing a series of guides on football betting strategies can help improve your skills and outsmart the bookmakers.


The above are detailed and accurate instructions on how to calculate Penalty shootouts that you should refer to. Hopefully, these suggestions soccer tips website will provide valuable experiences for you to make the best calculations and win your bets.


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