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Tantrik Triloknathji
Tantrik Triloknathji

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For what reason is man so anxious of death? What he fears smothered on his deathbed? Why deferring his takeoff such a significant number of functions and customs? Why compelling relatives and companions to grieve, to shed tears, to spend a brief century human to recollect him? Vulnerability following the demise of …, well, why the obscure? Vaughn, and are gradually annihilated marble tombstones and wooden crosses are all there, under them and no tension. What man is endeavoring to spare however much as could reasonably be expected on the off chance that you can not keep the body — its memory. This is on the grounds that sooner or later isolated himself from nature, set itself above it and its laws. A little piece of nature, envisions himself the proprietor.

So we should envision for a minute that the individual does not kick the bucket. Furthermore, not simply individuals, let it be watched equity — one in nature does not kick the bucket. Everlastingly will sprout blooms will dependably be flashed butterfly, and even mammoths, dinosaurs… but then not. Not go to any matter of Lepidoptera, or to the antiquated beasts of the Mesozoic time. And all as a result of that advancement stops at the crude unicellular occupants of the sea, while being eternal. And all on the grounds that, without death there is no birth, no advancement, no improvement… since you can not rearrange the deck when every one of the cards are in the hands…

What, at that point, goes to the man? Appropriately deal with her. Celebrate utilized the printer memory and ailments of maturity, neglecting to mean look wrinkled appendages trembling inside. Where the fire consumes the spirit vitality, which get under way the contemplations, wants and interests… There vitality that does not undermine the development, it will be something, will discover opportunity and go on the voyage over the huge world. Furthermore, let fly, glad to her.


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