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When it comes right down to black magic, we are manipulating people in just about everything we do in our daily lives! Just to wish someone a good day is to put the thought in their mind that they will have one. To advise someone is to put pressure, however slight, upon them to change. Even this type of manipulation is interfering with the person’s free will. You can see how careful you must be in gauging the effect of any magic.

Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. Black Magic is the one who has no morals or scruples about interfering with another one’s free will.

When you are in love and set out to work a black magic for love ritual, your spells for drawing a person to you despite his free will, are a black magic in reality. Ask yourself: while I’m doing this, is my intention to meddle with his free will? If so, despite your reasons, you should not do it. It’s as simple as that.

Follow the following rule all the time: “If what I attempt with magic is going to harm anyone in any way, I never will do it. I’ll find a different way to achieve the same result.”

Over the years, I discussed with many people black magic for love and spells. Most of us have had beautiful things to report about success and positive changes in life. From time to time, we hear complaints that, no matter how hard tried, they didn’t get the results they wanted.

You must realize, that there are no guarantees with any magic spells. We can do everything accurately to achieve love spells that really work. Having the right incense, the correctly colored candles, casting at the correct time of the month, and still get no desired result at all. Let’s try to explain why despite all our effort, we didn’t achieve the positive effect.

One point of view is that the Gods are watching over us and have certain things planned. For example, an abandoned lover may try to have her mate back without success. The reason is that the Gods know he’s no good for her at all. They know that she’s far better off without him! Not only that, but they have a fantastic, ideal mate for her waiting. To experience love spells that really work, she just needs to wait until the time is right.

The time that it takes for the magic to work can have a bearing on our belief as to whether or not it worked at all. Sometimes the results are a long time in coming. Many of us have found just such a scenario but only recognized it in retrospect. At the time we think, “Why me?” or, “Why not me?” or perhaps, “Why isn’t this working?” or, “What have I done wrong?” It’s only many weeks, months, or even years later that we can look back and say, “Oh! So that’s why it didn’t work!”


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