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A Hot Start To The New Years

As many of you hear, our red grouper season got cut short in 2021. Apparently, the commercial side hit the limit a bit early. So, they decide to shut down the season to the first of the year.

January 1st was a big day; it was the opening of red grouper. Although the weather was very nasty, many boats did not get offshore. I myself had to reschedule my trip, but the next day we were able to get out and man where they biting. Here a picture of our catches.

It did not take very long but we limited out in just 30 minutes, it always nice to have days like these. A box full of grouper and a nice ride home. The following week I was booked every day, everybody wanted to get out and pull on some grouper. Here some more picture of last week catches. (January 3rd-9th 2022)

Now many of you would like to know what we caught these fish on and the answer is in one of the pictures. Squid! Yes, we catch a lot of groupers on squid, which is almost the best bait for them, but the best bait IMO is Pinfish. Though you can't always get live Pinfish, so squid is the back up. Now the last picture you may see a lot more than just grouper, well on that day we caught the grouper so quick we decide to hit some snapper before heading in. Yellowtail snapper are a great tasting fish and a fun fight on some light tackle. They were caught in 80ft of water.

If you like to get on a charter with me, Capt. Tanner on Reel Deal Fishing Charters, you may give me a call at 239-821-3222 or e-mail me at!

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