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Winter is approaching and so is the Cobia!

As all of you may have heard, we get hit by Hurricane Ian September 26, which left many people without power and homes along the SWFL coast. Since then, I myself haven't been offshore has much prior the last two weeks. We finally made it out on our first trip since the storm and man was the fishing out of this world. Our first spot we hit we dropped to the bottom and BOOM, double header cobia! After we landed both of them, we raced to drop more bait and landed a keeper gag along with many yellowtail, mangrove, and lane snappers. Many of the cobias I catch are on live Pilchards or pinfish. We usually target our cobias on structure or wrecks. I like to use a knocker rig and 2-3oz egg sinkers to help get it towards the bottom. With the cold front approaching I am sure we will see a ton more of these fish swimming in our waters. Below is a picture of the two caught a few weeks back.

Capt. Tanner with Reel Deal Fishing, schedule a trip anytime you can reach me at 239-821-3222 or email

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