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Tips for Deep Sea Fishing on Charter Boats

As you prepare for your deep sea fishing trip, you may be wondering if there are some tips and tricks you can try to make your time even more successful. Whether this is your first time deep sea fishing or you’ve gone countless times, you’re sure to pick up a few insights that will help you reel in the fish you want.

At Reel Deal Fishing Charters in Marco Island, our captain has the knowledge and experience you need to find the fish you want. Be sure to check out the variety of charters we offer, and book your Gulf Coast fishing trip today!

Getting on the Charter Boat

When you first board the boat, find a secure location or spot to stow your gear. You don’t want to leave your things on the deck, as they could trip other anglers and crew members trying to pass by. Additionally, the deck is sure to get wet during the course of the trip, and you don’t want all of your belongings to be soaked.

Boat Safety First

Once the boat is und

erway, you’ll likely be riding for a bit until you get to the first fishing spot of the day. Make sure to listen to where the safety equipment is located, how to use the boat’s gear and rental items, and ask questions if you miss anything. Since each fishing charter company uses slightly different boats and gear, you want to avoid assuming you know how everything works.

Stay Hydrated While Fishing

You might be surprised out how quickly the South Florida sun can dehydrate your body. While the wind cools you off and the excitement of fishing keeps you occupied, your body is losing moisture through sweat and exertion. Additionally, the sun’s ray

s reflect off the water’s surface and can make the day feel even hotter, which will make you sweat more. Keep your water bottle near at all tim

es and drink often and deeply. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also avoid dry skin and cracked lips.

Deep Sea Fishing Regulations

Your captain will inform you of the legal limits for the types and number of fish you’re allowed to catch, but it’s a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with these yourself. When you book a Gulf Coast fishing trip with Reel Deal Fishing Charters, we’ll make sure to follow the fishing regulations and provide you with the information you need to get the right permits for the fish you want to catch.

Deep Sea Fishing Methods

There are a number of methods you can use when you are fishing out on the open ocean, including trolling, chumming, and casting. Be sure to speak with your captain about the type of fish you hope to catch, as he will be able to determine the best methods and locations to try.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Marco Island

At Reel Deal Fishing Charters in Marco Island, we want to make your Gulf Coast fishing trip as enjoyable and successful as possible, which is why we offer a variety of fishing charters. Be sure to talk with us about the type of trip you want to take, and we’ll help you reserve the right fishing charter for your goals. Contact us today to book your deep sea fishing trip in Marco Island.

Capt. Tanner holding a 30lb Gag Grouper caught on a Red Snapper trip

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