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Reel Deal Fishing Charters

Date Published:

June 13th, 2019

Date Modified:

April 22nd, 2020 9:16 am


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

Some people take one look at the fish we go for on our Marco Island fishing charter — permit, snapper, cobia, and grouper — and think “well my fishing gear can’t pull one of those from the water!” And for people who mostly do pond and lake fishing, they’re absolutely right. Gear that you get at Wal-Mart (or even a landlocked Bass Pro Shop) isn’t going to be able to handle the fish we’re hunting.

Trust us, not having the right rods and reels isn’t a problem…because we’re providing them for you. In fact, we’re taking care of (nearly) everything you need so that you can have the best time possible on your Florida Gulf Coast fishing charter with the least amount of preparation. Today we’re going to take a look at the many things you don’t have to worry about when you go on a Marco Island Fishing charter with Reel Deal and Captain Tanner.


There are quite a few reasons why we supply the rods and reels on for our deepwater fishing expeditions.

  • Rods and reels are expensive — While our fishing charters are reasonably priced, they’re not necessarily cheap. By providing the rods and reels, we’re not scaring off people who might not be able to afford the gear and the charter.

  • Rod and reels don’t transport well — Most people don’t want to travel with their fishing gear, especially if they’re flying on a jet to get here. Providing the gear means that they can leave their primary stuff at home and not worry about it getting broken.

  • The trip might be “one and done” — Not everyone we take our on our offshore fishing charters is a lifelong fisherman. Some of them want a professional experience but are more of an I-just-want-the-experience, one-and-done sort of person (they might have gone skydiving once last year and taken an African safari the previous year). There’s really no reason for them to purchase gear since they’ll never use it again.

What if you want to bring your own? Absolutely no problem. We know that many people have been planning a Marco Island fishing charter like ours for many years and just can’t wait to use their rods. But for everyone else, we’re more than happy to supply them.


Just as people might not want to travel with their own rods and reels, most don’t want to travel with a smelly tackle box or net. We’re more than happy to provide the right tackle for the job.


We really don’t expect our guests to supply their own bait, and it just makes more sense for us to bring it. After all, we know the fish that we’re going for and what they’re most likely to be attracted by. By providing the right bait, it’s more likely that our clients will bring home the fish they’re looking to catch.


Don’t have a fishing license? No problem, because it’s included with the cost of your Marco Island fishing charter!


Costs go up as you get further out into the Gulf for your fishing charter here in Florida, and a lot of that is to cover the gas. In other words, gas is already included.


We don’t want you to get dehydrated, so we’re sure to keep our guests happy and healthy with fresh water.


Keep your water cold and your fish fresh with the ice we bring along.


You really don’t need to bring much when you choose a Marco Island fishing charter with Reel Deel. Check out our options right here!


Fishing Charters Marco Island Florida


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

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