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Fishing In the Cooler Months with Capt. Tanner Ison

As we start to roll into the end of fall and the beginning of winter the water temperature is steadily falling, which is a great thing for fishing. The past week I have been out fishing I have seen a lot more Cobia around the structures, Tripletail under the traps, and mangrove snapper on many different spots. Going back on the Cobia, the past Friday, we landed a giant cobia weighing just 60lbs (59LB and 55inches long). This fish was caught a knocker rig with a live Pilchard. She sucked that bait right up and put up a 30 minutes. Also all of my full day trips we have been getting into Cobia, mostly 10-20 pounders which are 30-40 inch fish. Now on the half day trips we stay closer to shore and hit some shallower wreck and hard bottom. This is usually where I pick up my Tripletail. Running spot to spot I like to get on a hit of traps and ride by them. The average size Tripletail I have been landing are 20 inches. They have to be 18inches to keep. Mr. Mangrove Snapper, one of the smart snappers and very tasty, these fish have been all over this year. From a half day to a full day we been putting a good amount in the boat. They also love the chum, and when they are feeding they will also eat out of the chum bag.

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