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Updated: Oct 30, 2021


Reel Deal Fishing Charters

Date Published:

May 17th, 2019

Date Modified:

April 22nd, 2020 9:17 am


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

We’d like to thank you for stopping by the new website for Reel Deal fishing charters. For more than 10 years, Captain Tanner has been taking people into the Gulf of Mexico on Marco Island deep sea fishing tours. Book a fishing charter with us and you’re sure to have one of the best fishing experiences of your life!

When choosing a fishing charter from Marco Island, you want to make sure you’re getting everything you want. After all, we’re guessing you don’t get to go on fishing charters all that often, so you want to make sure it’s a fishing trip that will make a lasting impression. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Reel Deal over other Marco Island deep sea fishing tours.


The biggest difference between us and other Marco Island fishing charters is how far we travel from shore. The farther you get away from shore, the less you’ll experience the effects of overfishing in the Gulf. Not many commercial fishermen head out this far, and pretty much none of the fishing charters do. When you’re out this far from Florida, you might not see anybody else out there…which means no competition for your fish!

Here’s what makes us different: We go out up to 100 miles from shore to make sure you get the fish you’re looking for and the best fishing experience possible. You might think that spending more time traveling to a particular location would limit the amount of time you’ll get to fish. We have two basic responses to that. First, would you rather stay closer to shore in areas that are overfished and be not as likely to get the fish you want? Or would you rather travel a bit farther out and be reeling them in?

The second response all has to do with how quickly you can get to the desired fishing spot. That, of course, depends on…


There are two primary bragging points about any boat: the size and the speed. While our 2016 Cap Horn 31T is nice and big — 31 feet, 6 inches to be exact — it’s really the speed that we want to focus on. Cruising at 40 miles per hour (about 35 knots), our Twin 300 Yamahas will get you to a preferred fishing spot and back before you know it.


We’re sure you know that different fish prefer different waters, and we can help you find them. The most common types of fish we go for are cobia, permit, grouper, and snapper, and tarpon.

Of course, to find the right fish, you should find the right…


Finding the right location for fishing is a huge part of bringing home the catch you want, which means having a captain who knows what’s where. Captain Tanner has spent more than a decade fishing the waters around Marco Island — and well into the Gulf of Mexico — and has found some of the best waters around to meet your particular fishing needs.


We’re ready to help! Click here to find the best Marco Island charter around and get ready to reel them in!


Fishing Charters Marco Island Florida


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

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