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Reel Deal Fishing Charters

Date Published:

July 17th, 2019

Date Modified:

April 22nd, 2020 9:14 am


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

In general, working with Reel Deal Fishing Charters is easy. We know that nearly everyone who’s visiting us is traveling, so they don’t want to travel with their rods and reels (and they certainly don’t want to travel with bait!) When you go on a fishing charter starting from Marco Island, we’re going to handle just about everything you need to go fishing: tackle, rods, reels, bait, gas, water, and ice to keep your catch cold. Heck, the cost of your trip even includes the fishing license.

We say we cover “just about” everything because there will be a few things that you’ll be responsible for, and they can all be picked up the night before your trip. Here are the few items you’ll want to bring along on your Marco Island fishing charter (and why we’re leaving each item up to you).


Most people prefer their own kind of sunblock. Some people head to Consumer Reports and do extensive research on which one blocks UVA and UVB the best. Others just grab whatever they see at the grocery store the night before. Some people have sensitive skin and only buy gentle lotions. Either way, something is better than nothing. While our boat does have some shade, most of your time will be out in the sun.

Why do we require non-spray sunblock specifically? The primary reason is that everyone reapplies it multiple times throughout the day, and only about half of it gets on people’s arms and legs. The rest goes onto the boat, into someone’s eyes, or into the ocean. You don’t want it in the boat because it can cause slip hazards and makes the steering wheel slippery. Plus, the ocean doesn’t need any more chemicals floating around in it.

Many people bring hats as well, and we won’t laugh at you if it has a floppy brim on both sides. When you’re that far out in the ocean, fashion doesn’t matter!


You’re going to want to bring some sunglasses along, no matter their quality. Some people bring their best. Other fishermen bring a $5 pair and a backup $5 pair, because sunglasses might end up in the ocean. But with the sun blazing above and reflecting off the water, sunglasses are a must.


We provide water on the boat to make sure that everyone hydrated. But some prefer their own flavored drinks, so be sure to bring what you need to refresh yourself. Popular drinks include soda and Gatorade (and many start off with coffee in the morning). We just ask you to leave glass containers at home.

We’ve found that it’s best to not allow alcoholic drinks on the boat. While many people enjoy a beer when they’re floating on a calm lake back home, we’re in a considerably more dangerous environment out here. Waves can rock the boat and people can lose their footing during a surprise storm. It’s also easier to pull in a huge fish when you haven’t had a few.


Anything that you catch might be your food over the next couple of days, but we’ve got no way to prepare it when it’s on the boat. You’re going to need something for between one and three meals, plus snacks, so make sure you bring enough food for everyone in your part. Again, we have plenty of coolers, so bring whatever cold items you want and they’ll stay fresh even in the Gulf heat.

Why don’t we provide the food? Allergens are a big part of it, as are the different diets that people are on. We could offer cold cuts, but that would exclude vegetarians or pescetarians. It’s just easier to let everyone bring their own meals and keep our Florida Gulf Coast deep sea fishing charter a little cheaper. We’re charging you for the fishing trip, not some overpriced bologna sandwich and a bag of chips.


You’re not really responsible for much when it comes to taking a Marco Island fishing charter with us. A five minute trip to the grocery store should be just fine, and then we’ll be out on the water having the time of our lives. Check out our Florida Gulf Coast charter options right here!


Fishing Charters Marco Island Florida


Deep Sea Fishing Marco Island, Fishing Charters Marco Island, South Florida Fishing Charters

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